11 Aug 2021

Clive Palmer letter to WA Premier & CHO

Media release

Clive Palmer letter to WA Premier & CHO

United Australia Party President Clive Palmer has made his intentions clear to the Western Australian Premier and Chief Health Officer that if they choose to pursue mandatory or incentivised vaccination programs, he will defend the rights of Western Australian citizens who choose not to be vaccinated by launching a class action on their behalf.

The letter, which you can read in full below, references a recent CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) study that showed 74% of people in the study were infected with COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated. The majority of those displayed symptoms, such as cough, sore throat, fever, etc, and four of those fully vaccinated people were hospitalised.


Dear Chief Health Officer

Australia’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program

I act for Mr. Clive F Palmer.

I enclose, for your attention, a copy of the study entitled:

“Outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 Infections, Including COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Infections, Associated with Large Public Gatherings — Barnstable County, Massachusetts, July 2021”

(CDC Study) published 30 July 2021 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

3. The CDC Study is also accessible here:

4. I am instructed by Mr Palmer that:

A) the CDC Study found:

  • During July 2021, 469 cases of COVID-19 associated with multiple summer events and large public gatherings in a town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, were identified among Massachusetts residents; vaccination coverage among eligible Massachusetts residents was 69%.
  • Approximately three quarters (346; 74%) of cases occurred in fully vaccinated persons (those who had completed a 2-dose course of mRNA vaccine [Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna] or had received a single dose of Janssen [Johnson & Johnson] vaccine ≥14days before exposure).
  • Overall, 274 (79%) vaccinated patients with breakthrough infection were symptomatic, with the most common symptoms being cough, headache, sore throat, myalgia and fever.
  • Among five COVID-19 patients who were hospitalized, four were fully vaccinated; no deaths were reported. The four vaccinated patients who were hospitalized were aged between 20 and 70.
  • Vaccine products received by persons experiencing breakthrough infections were Pfizer-BioNTech (159; 46%), Moderna (131; 38%), and Janssen (56; 16%); among fully vaccinated persons in the Massachusetts general population, 56% had received Pfizer-BioNTech, 38% had received Moderna, and 7% had received Janssen vaccine products.
  • Genomic sequencing of specimens from 133 patients identified the B.1.617.2 (Delta)variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in 119 (89%) and the DeltaAY.3 sublineage in one (1%).

B) the function of a vaccine, properly so called and as understood by the public, is to:

i) stop the vaccinated person from becoming infected with a human disease caused by the relevant virus, and to provide immunity against that disease in due course;

ii) prevent a vaccinated person from developing symptoms of the disease caused by the relevant virus; and

iii) stop transmission of the relevant disease by a vaccinated person.

C) his view is that:

i) it is clear from the CDC Study that the COVID-19 vaccines do not successfully carry out any of these functions. The COVID-19 vaccines fail on all three criteria.

ii) the COVID-19 vaccines have failed and are not fit to be regarded as vaccines at all.

D) further:

i) there is no safety data for one, three or five-year safety data for the use of these vaccines;

ii) there is no data regarding the safety of the vaccine for children and pregnant women.

5. Mr Palmer’s view is that:

A) the CDC Study shows statistically significant numbers of people said to be vaccinated against COVID-19 are:

i) becoming infected with COVID-19 or its variants;

ii) becoming symptomatic;

iii) transmitting the disease; and

iv) being admitted to hospital.


B) people are being injected with the COVID-19 vaccines, risking their health and their lives, for no good reason.

C) as a member of the Western Australian public service, under the Public Sector Management Act1994 (WA)¸ you are obliged to:

i) act in a way that protects and promotes the interests of the WA health system;

ii) make decisions based on fair and objective processes; and

iii) ensure your decisions are not influenced by self-interest, considerations of personal gain or other improper motives


D) as it stands, you continue to roll out the COVID-19 vaccines despite:

i) a lack of data supporting the efficacy and safety of the vaccines;

ii) clear safety issues, which are known and quantified; and

iii) data from the leading diseases peak body internationally, the CDC, which demonstrates that the vaccines, for the reasons above, are ineffective against COVID-19 and its variants and therefore do not fulfil their purpose.


6. Mr Palmer’s position is that:

A) you are providing the public with incomplete, incorrect and misleading information regarding the COVID-19 vaccines;

B) you are advocating for the vaccination of the Australian public on the basis of this incomplete, incorrect and misleading information;

C) if you or your Government cause to be implemented legislation, regulations, policies or make declarations which:

i) require or coerce individuals to be vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine; and

ii) incentivise vaccination with a COVID-19 vaccine, then that will cause economic loss to be caused to businesses and individuals who decide not to be vaccinated (“the Class”) and Mr Palmer intends to fund a class action seeking: injunction in respect of the introduction of those measures; and

iv. damages for the economic loss caused, and/or likely to be caused, to the Class;

D) it is unconscionable for you to:

i) perpetuate the falsehood that the COVID-19 vaccines prevent a person from becoming infected with the disease and prevent a person from infecting others; and

ii) support measures which require or coerce individuals to be vaccinated, or otherwise incentivise vaccination, and Mr Palmer may also bring an action against you personally.

7. I look forward to receiving your response as soon as possible and, in any event, within 7 days.


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22 Jun 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine – 210 Deaths & 24000 adverse reactions

Media release

COVID-19 Vaccine – 210 Deaths & 24000 adverse reactions

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22 Jun 2021

Letter from Clive Palmer to Prof Skerritt TGA

Media release

Letter from Clive Palmer to Prof Skerritt TGA

Dear Prof Skerritt,


Thank you for your letter. As you will appreciate, all of our advertisements quote TGA reported facts. The first fact being that there has only been one COVID death in Australia this year.

The second fact being that your organisation, the TGA, reported that there have been over 300 deaths in Australia following the administration of the COVID vaccine. I’m interested to see the autopsy data which confirms that these deaths haven’t been caused by the vaccine.

I believe it is prima facie a reasonable assumption that if people are vaccinated and then they die prima facie the vaccine may have been the cause of their deaths. It is responsible for you in your public role to ensure that those matters are properly investigated and autopsies carried out to see if this prima facie conclusion can be disregarded.

It is a simple fact that the TGA – according to TGA reporting – has received over 24,000 adverse reports. Over 24,000 adverse reports would indicate that any public servant responsible for regulating such a medicine should exercise what power he or she has in the public interest and cease the administration and roll out of such a medicine. Otherwise it could be inferred that he or she is committing a serious malfeasance in public office and will bear a personal responsibility for the outcomes.

I would refer you to the CDC website in the United States which confirms that following effects of their vaccine program.

  • Over 5,000 deaths
  • 3,900 disabled
  • 571 miscarriages
  • 1,500 Bell’s palsy
  • 1,900 heart Attacks

Why doesn’t the TGA publish Australian equivalent figures in these categories?

I note your comments in respect of the transparency, however it is disappointing that the TGA reports have now stopped reporting the number of people that have died following their COVID19 vaccination. Such a number of deaths caused over such a small portion of the Australians who have had the vaccines over such a compressed period of time should be a matter of concern. Normally a medicine that was responsible for even one death would be suspended.

I understand there have been over 10,000 deaths reported in Europe in respect of the vaccine. The combination of the forgoing matters means it’s beyond belief that the TGA does not take immediate action.

The facts of the matter are clear on the CDC website in the United States that over 50% of animals died in the animal trials of these vaccines, which would normally indicate that such vaccines are not suitable for human consumption.

I do not understand why the Australian Government has bought over 180,000,000 doses of the vaccines when there are less than 25,000,000 Australians, Prime facie it looks a serious case of enrichment for Pharma companies at the publics expense.

In respect to the 3.7 million deaths alleged to be caused by COVID in the world; you need to take stock of the number of deaths that occur in the world each year.

I am concerned about Australia and Australians and there has only been one Covid death in Australia this year. Moreover, serious concerns need to be expressed about Doctor Fauci in the US and the revelations that have come to light in recent times. I know from previous dealing with the TGA that it in many instances the TGA relies on his group to advise it.

It is true that I am a public figure in Australia and I have a duty and responsibility to represent to the community the facts as I see them without fear or favour. I do not find the arguments that you have presented in your email convincing.

The facts are that we have no safety data for 1, 3 5, or 7 years for these vaccines. Nor do we have data in pregnant women or children, which Doctor Brendan Murphy and yourself acknowledged before the senate committee in April this year.

The TGA has no idea of the long-term outcomes of giving this vaccine to the Australian population. It is also a great concern that the Government has given the pharmaceutical companies an indemnity for any claims related to the injuries and deaths their vaccines may cause.

It would seem that those same pharmaceutical companies do not have faith and confidence in their products to market them as part of their business without such Government indemnity. What I have personally found disappointing is the fact that you, as head of the TGA, have a responsibility to properly regulate medicines and vaccines in this country.

I find it extraordinary to see you on television in paid commercials promoting a commercial product that is both the TGA’s and your responsibility to regulate. You have a serious conflict of interest.

The Hight Court of Australia has reconfirmed the implied term in our constitution of political free speech. I am a former member of the house of representatives and a chairman of a registered political party under the electoral act. I will continue to exercise my constitutional rights in this matter and if necessary, I am happy to meet any challenge in court in that regard.

I would advise you to get proper legal advice to ensure that you are protected against any claims that may be made personally against you in the future. You need to advise the government of what the Attorney General’s department knows already – that the Biosecurity Act is unconstitutional and could not survive a challenge in the High Court of Australia.

History has shown that governments have often been wrong. That propaganda and coverups have often taken place. That millions have died, because people in authority lack the courage and the proprietary to follow through with the principles and ethics of their calling.

There is no pandemic in Australia – only one person has died of COVID this year. The TGA and the government has started spreading misleading information. Designed to create fear in the population.

The only information that was published by me is that there has been one COVID death this year, that the TGA have reported that over 300 people have died after receiving the vaccination and that there were over 24,000 adverse reports received by the TGA. All of that comes from TGA releases.

I do find your statements about me as defamatory and am considering them before taking legal advice. I request you refrain from defaming me further. It seemed all of those facts and statements in our advertisements are absolutely true and confirmed by the TGA.

Australians have the right to be fully informed. Informed consent is a fundamental pre-requisite for any medical treatment. Australia has signed international conventions guaranteeing such consent.

There are serious questions to be answered over the financial and other interests of the TGA’s so-called expert committees. I am sure in the future that those committees will be shown not to be as independent as they should be and not to contain experts from all States and all relevant universities.

Yours faithfully,

Clive Palmer


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12 Mar 2021

Palmer rejects ‘developer’ characterisation by ECQ

Media release

Palmer rejects ‘developer’ characterisation by ECQ

Palmer Leisure Australia has rejected the characterisation of its owner, Clive Palmer, that he is a property developer under the Electoral Act.

“My companies have lodged one development application since 2015, that was six years ago,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The relevant provision in the Act says that an entity or person who regularly lodges applications is deemed to be a developer.

“Everyone knows that my main business is mining, not development, and that neither myself nor my companies have lodged a new development application since the ban on developer donations became law,’’ he said.

“The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) office is run by the ALP and the minister is abusing his powers and wasting millions of dollars on legal costs.

“The ALP has form. Look what they did in WA, they simply change laws with draconian measures. Their actions aren’t fair, they are repugnant,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk needs to take control of rogue ministers in her Cabinet. It will be revealed that pressure has been placed on the ECQ to take this matter to Court.

“This will only highlight how stupid these people are and the huge amount of tax payer funds they are happy to waste.

“Their case is hopeless and I’m sure we will see this matter struck out,’’ Mr Palmer said.


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24 Feb 2021

Covid Vaccine Program Raises Community Concerns

Media release

Covid Vaccine Program Raises Community Concerns

Revelations that two Australians were ill following administration of the COVID vaccine were disturbing, Clive Palmer said in Brisbane today.

“While I support the use of vaccines which have approval for general use such as measles and other diseases, I am very concerned of the emergency use of this vaccine on the general population,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“My understanding is that emergency use of a medicine is only authorised if the person receiving the treatment is in immediate danger of dying. This is not the case with millions of Australians who are not ill.

“The simple fact is that we don’t have one-year safety data, three-year safety data or five-year safety data for the use of the COVID vaccine on humans or animals,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“I do not understand why it is that millions of Australians should be subject to a medical treatment that has not complied with normal usage under Australian Law.

“The Governments around Australia have done a great job in protecting all Australians from COVID and for healthy Australians to receive an emergency treatment is, as I understand it, unprecedented.

“I don’t understand why Australians needs to rush or take risks with their health.

“It is difficult to understand how there could be overdoses administered by registered practitioners,’’ Mr Palmer said.


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23 Feb 2021

McGowan exposes WA to massive additional burden following WA state election: Palmer

Media release

McGowan exposes WA to massive additional burden following WA state election: Palmer

Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan has exposed WA to massive additional financial burden while he continues to grandstand about saving the State from bankruptcy, Clive Palmer said in Brisbane today.

“Mark McGowan is busy bragging about how he has saved WA from going bankrupt,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Instead all he has done is delay the inevitable and it will add hundreds of millions of dollars in more damages and interest to our claims.”

Mr Palmer said the legislation would ultimately be a legal failure.

“Only days before this legislation, McGowan’s Government signed a mediation agreement with me and former Western Australian Chief Justice, Wayne Martin QC,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Negotiations were scheduled to commence shortly and there was every prospect that the dispute could be settled for a fair and reasonable amount.

“Instead, the McGowan Government has now exposed the State of WA to additional financial burden.

“When the election has come and gone, he will face the music of our claim,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“He should have followed Winston Churchill’s words that meeting jaw to jaw was better than war.

“He wants war instead of peace,’’ Mr Palmer said.


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15 Feb 2021

AEC confirms Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party remains registered

Media release

AEC confirms Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party remains registered

The Chairman of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, said today the Australian Electoral Commissioned had admitted its wrongdoing in suggesting the party was not eligible to remain registered.

In correspondence to Mr Palmer from Joanne Reid, the AEC’S Assistant Commissioner Disclosure, Assurance and Engagement it stated: “I am now writing to you to advise that, as a delegate of the Electoral Commission, I have determined that Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party continues to meet the eligibility requirements set out by the Electoral Act to remain on the Register.”

In October last year the AEC issued a notice of intention to deregister the party, claiming it had failed a membership test to determine whether it had at least 500 members, sparking a legal challenge from Mr Palmer.

“It seems clear that these AEC public servants designed their comments before the last state election to distract voters,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“There was never any finding that our party has less than 500 members. It was a lie as we have many thousands of members.

“The problem is that there are too many lefties in the AEC, they are not loyal Australians.

“They need to be politically neutral, they overstepped the mark with the original decision. The AEC should be impartial and not politically motivated,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The AEC knew we were compliant with our registration and that we had thousands of party members, however they tried to politicise themselves to gain relevance.

“The officers who made the original bad decision need to be politically neutral, they are bureaucrats and should do their jobs instead of dealing in controversy,’’ Mr Palmer said.


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11 Jan 2021

Liberals Hopeless in Western Australia: Palmer

Media release

Liberals Hopeless in Western Australia: Palmer

Zak Kirkup must be the most hopeless Liberal leader in the party’s history, Clive Palmer said today.

“He is young and lacks experience. He has no leadership qualities and just follows the lead of the Labor Party,” Mr Palmer said.

“Western Australian voters are better to vote for Labor than to vote for someone who just copies the Labor Party and offers no policy or alternative.

“This is the same guy who was caught crying when he was elected liberal leader. He knows as do most Australians that the only reason Scott Morrison is Prime Minister is because the United Australia Party gave its preferences  to the Liberal Party,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Mr Kirkup does not have to worry about me donating to the Liberal Party or anyone else donating while he is leader.  No-one could support such a no hoper.”

“I would like to also correct a statement released by our public relations consultant yesterday which unfortunately I was not given the opportunity to review prior to release.

“I have not discontinued any defamation proceedings and have no intention of doing so,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“My solicitors have written to the WA Premier and Attorney General’s legal representatives offering to withdraw the charges of contempt against them in the High Court of Australia. I have done this in a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness.

“They are quick to complain but slow to agree that we withdraw the proceedings as they are mainly after votes.

“Mr Kirkup should remember we are all Australians and all entitled to our political views. The public is not interested in personal attacks on anyone. What they want are policies that improve their lives and provide for a better future.

“Mr Kirkup should point out that the Labor Party attacks me to divert the public’s attention away from the fact that they have no policies and they seek to divert the public from important issues.

“Where would Australia be if Shifty Shorten was Prime Minister and we had a Labor government in Canberra?  Labor would have spent all the money and there would have been no JobKeeper.

“All Australians need to concentrate on the future and regrettably the Liberal Party in Western Australia has a second rate person as leader who is lost in the wilderness. He does not have to worry about donations. I am sure no one will donate to him and his party as long as he is leader,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Mr Kirkup would do well to come up with a positive policy for the people of Western Australia rather than attack someone who is not even standing in the State Election. That is how inept and inexperienced he is.

“He should learn from the recent attacks in Washington the folly of sowing hatred in the community. I don’t intend spending one dollar in the Western Australian election,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“I predict under Mr Kirkup’s leadership the Liberal Party will lose over 80% of the seats it currently holds in parliament and will become the junior partner in the coalition.

“I can’t think of one reason why anyone would vote for such an inexperienced person as Mr Kirkup.

“He should start looking for a job now. Public service has no reward, history is its only reward and Mr Kirkup’s brief time as leader will form part of history after the next state election,’’ Mr Palmer said.


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28 Oct 2020

Palmer video highlights truth behind Labor’s death tax risk

Media release

Palmer video highlights truth behind Labor’s death tax risk

The Chairman of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, last night released a video highlighting the truth behind Labor’s death tax risk.

“I’m very concerned about the death tax Labor is proposing and we all know that death duties are a policy of the Greens.

“At the next election we will decide the government of Queensland and it is highly likely that if the Labor Party gets a chance of winning, they will be in coalition with the Greens.”

In the video, Mr Palmer reminds Queenslanders that for many years Wayne Swan wanted to redistribute wealth in Australia by taking from the people and giving it to government.

“You can’t afford to give Labor your children’s inheritance, it’s as simple as that,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“People may want to make fun of me or have a go at me personally, that’s not the issue.

“The issue is to make sure that the hard work Queenslanders have done over many years doesn’t go to the Labor Party, it goes to them and their children.

Mr Palmer said the Queensland Labor Government would justify the new tax to combat its $120 billion debt blowout.

“The only way Labor can reduce its debt is by taking from Queensland families. They are out of ideas and have no policies that can deliver growth and a strong economic future for this State,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Under a returned Labor Government, we will see family assets taken by the state. Our children and grandchildren will have assets chiselled out from them after the hard efforts and endeavours of those before them,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“We simply can’t risk a Labor death tax of 20% on all the assets we hold,’’ Mr Palmer said.

View the video here:


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27 Oct 2020

Labor’s sneaky plan to reopen the borders

Media release

Labor’s sneaky plan to reopen the borders

The deputy leader of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, Anna Palmer, said today that Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk would open up the borders before this weekend’s election.

“The Premier is running scared as she knows my husband’s challenge in the High Court on November 3 and 4 will mean all borders have to open,’’ Mrs Palmer said.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk wants to open the borders now so she gets a few more votes but she should have done it three months ago.

“Politicians should be doing things that are right for society not things that they think will get them re-elected.”

“Labor has destroyed industry and robbed our children of future prosperity,’’ Mr Dowling said.

“The economy is teetering on a knife’s edge and our people are in mass unemployment. Our tourism industry has been decimated.

“Shame on Labor, shame on Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party will leave stone unturned when elected to represent the people of Queensland and get the economy moving again,’’ Mrs Palmer said.


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