Media release

WA government accused of ‘abusing’ entry applications

From Sky News Australia

A former WA electorate staffer, as part of her unfair dismissal claim, has alleged she was instructed by Deputy Premier Roger Cook to fast-track entry applications into Western Australia from Labor donors during the state’s border lockdown.

Sanja Spasojevic said she was not involved with the general processing of the G2G digital travel app but was assigned the task to “fast-track” Labor Business Roundtable members and donors.

“I was only given people that were Labor members from the Platinum, Gold and Silver, and we had what were called special contacts in ministerial office and we were given a task to go to the special contacts and it was either them personally or for their family members, for various reasons – some were personal, some were business,” she told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“I had contacted Roger Cook to tell him my concerns about a system that was allowing political donors of Labor to enter and exit. And yet, what was perceived to be maybe political opponents or people that were not desirable to enter the state or not refused entry into the state.

“And that’s when I thought this system is possibly being abused, it’s not fit for purpose.”

The West Australian State Opposition wants these allegations investigated by the WA Corruption and Crime Commission.

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