Media release

Craig Kelly calls for Morrison’s resignation

The former Liberal member for Hughes and United Australia Party National Director Craig Kelly has called for the resignation of the former Liberal PM Scott Morrison.

“The fundamental function of a federal member of parliament is to be open and transparent and to uphold the values of the Westminster system,’’ Mr Kelly said

“Scott Morrison secretly swore himself in to five different federal ministries, deceiving the Australian people and his own cabinet,’’ he said.

“When I was in the party room as a Liberal Member of Parliament, we originally had open and frank discussions about the pandemic.

“That soon changed and we had a veil of secrecy creep into the party room. There is no doubt at all that this was apparent because of the big dollars from pharma companies lobbying the Liberal Party in both NSW and Federally and we saw pro big pharma policy being adopted.

“The truth is Covid is everywhere and has impacted society minimally. Vaccines are ineffective yet Morrison took over five portfolios,’’ Mr Kelly said.

“During lockdowns hundreds of Australians died from mental health issues, experienced financial stress while the divorce rate has skyrocketed.

“We are now seeing the huge economic impact of increased interest rates and inflation and debt growing rapidly towards $1.5 trillion.

“This is a result of the Liberal-Labor collusion which deprived Australians of their liberty.

“Scott Morrison, the member for Cook, should be ashamed of himself and resign in disgrace,’’ Mr Kelly said.