Media release

Labor copies United Australia Party’s super policy

National Director of the United Australia Party, Craig Kelly, said today he was flattered that the ALP had copied his party’s policy to bring Australian super back home.

Prior to the 2022 Federal election the United Australia Party announced its policy platform which was designed to save Australians from the ever-growing cost of living crisis, sky rocketing interest rates and the disastrous economic situation we now find ourselves in.

“One of these core policies was bringing Australian super back home to grow the economy,’’ Mr Kelly said.

“This policy would have seen Australian super funds invest Australian super right here at home for nation building projects that would benefit all Australians.

“It would rescue and protect our economy from the sharp downturn experienced due to the rampant economic mismanagement seen from both the major parties. This policy was designed as a win/win for Australian Super and the Australian taxpayer,’’ Mr Kelly said.

“It was flattering to see that Treasurer Jim Chalmers wants to adopt our policy.

“The United Australia Party is happy to work with the Treasurer to explain the finer details of our policy for the benefit of the Australian people,’’ Mr Kelly said.

“It is clear from this political plagiarism that the United Australia Party has the best ideas for growing Australia.

“This is why were rewarded with the United Australia Party’s Ralph Babet gaining a place in the Senate, where he will work tirelessly for the best outcomes for all Australians,’’ Mr Kelly said.