Media release

Senator Babet reaffirms commitment to party and members

Federal party leader of the United Australia Party, Senator Ralph Babet, today reaffirmed his strong commitment to the United Australia Party and all its members.

“The United Australia Party is looking forward to contesting the Victorian State election with a team of excellent candidates,’’ Senator Babet said

“While the party has elected not to remain part of the AEC fiasco between elections, it will re-register prior to the next federal election.

“Because I am a Senator, the party has a right to re-register at any time and in the meantime, we will not be directed by an unelected body of public servants under the control of Government.

“Our members believe in freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of association.

“As a senator I find it appalling the way the AEC acted during the last federal election.

“Our members across the country have reported serious voting irregularities and the United Australia Party will not be party to it,’’ Senator Babet said.

“While the existing political parties seek to undermine us and spread rumours about our members, we remain loyal to the principles of our party.

“This includes the freedom and rights of all Australians to express their views no matter what they may be and the need to put a brake on the power of Government that seeks to control its citizens not for their benefit but for the benefit of the few that the Labor and Liberal parties serve.

“I remain loyal to the party its founder and all that we stand for,’’ he said.