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Victorian Upper House team revealed

Geoff Shaw announces United Australia Party team for Victorian election Victorian Leader of the United Australia Party, Geoff Shaw, has launched a strong Upper House ticket for the state election in a bid to restore freedom and economic certainty for all Victorians.

“United Australia Party candidates will run in every Upper House seat to deliver the change Victoria is crying out for,” Mr Shaw said.

“Under Dan Andrews’ Labor Government, Victorians have known nothing but chaos, restrictions and uncertainty, while the Liberal Party offers nothing but weak alternatives.”

“Victorians are suffering from policies that that have destroyed families, small businesses and jobs.

“I am very pleased to lead a team of excellent United Australia Party candidates to bring economic certainty and freedom for all Victorians,” Mr Shaw said.

Geoff Shaw, who will be standing as the United Australia Party’s lead candidate for the Northern Victoria region, will be supported by deputy Victorian leader Kelly Moran.

A former Qantas International worker, Ms Moran has also been endorsed as the United Australia Party’s lead candidate for the Northern Metro region in the Legislative Council.

“Now it’s time to make a change in Victoria and I want to be part of that change,” Ms Moran said.

“I will continue to fight for my colleagues to make a difference for Australia.

“The current Victorian State Government has trampled on the individual rights and liberties of its citizens, ever since it has been in control,” she said

The United Australia Party candidates are:

Eastern Victoria: James Unkles (lead), Paul Wilson

North Eastern Metro: Nathan Scaglione (lead), Irene Zivkovic

Northern Metro: Upper House Deputy Leader Kelly Moran (lead), Scott McCamish

Northern Victoria: Upper House Leader Geoff Shaw (lead), Elijah Suares

South-Eastern Metro: Matt Babet (lead), Jatinder Singh

Southern Metro: Leon Kofmansky (lead), Ronald Jean

Western Metro: Andrew Cuthbertson (lead), Deepak Bansal

Western Victoria: Natalie Failla (lead), Keith Raymond.