Media release

China to control the health of Australians: Palmer

Handing control of our nation’s health programs to the pro-China World Health Organisation (WHO) should raise alarm bells for all Australian citizens, says UAP Chair Clive Palmer.

“It is a shocking development to learn that the WHO will gain jurisdiction over controlling Australia’s health programs a day after the Federal Election.

“It is well known that China is a major contributor to and has a high degree of influence over the World Health Organisation. The WHO has been rightly criticised for pro-China bias in the past.

“It should be concerning to all Australians who value freedom and democracy that our health policies could fall under the influence of communist China.

“For too long we have seen governments take greater control over our lives, this is a step too far.

“The only way we can stop foreign governments controlling the level of health care that Australians receive is to vote for change on election day.

“Governments never give back freedom they take from their people. The people have to take it back,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Only the United Australia Party is committed to saving Australians from the overreach of power and unwarranted control and suppression that both sides of government have shown us in the last few years.

“Freedom forever,’’ he said.