Media release

Why is Mark McGowan above the law?

Clive Palmer says former WA Premier Mark McGowan is being treated as if he is “above the law” following news the State Labor Government would financially protect him against future court battles.

“It is an outrageous situation that McGowan is being indemnified against future legal costs in matters against me,” Mr Palmer said.

“It seems that WA Labor thinks Mark McGowan is above the law, it is interesting that the indemnity doesn’t cover improper conduct. Not anywhere else in the world is someone indemnified. Not Donald Trump, not Boris Johnson not even Prince Andrew.

“Yet we see that Labor in WA has put Mark McGowan above the law. This is unprecedented that tax payer funds will be used to protect Mark McGowan against any future legal costs,” Mr Palmer said.

“The principle of good government is lost forever in WA, with so many scandals even bigger than the Brittany Higgins scandal playing out before us, with Federal Labor seemingly playing a big part.

“History will record that Mark McGowan is the worst Premier in WA’s history. That will be evident when his actions are eventually quantified when financial costs are fully tallied in the future.”