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Outgoing CDC director in firing line

Journalist and author Naomi Wolf delivers a scathing summary of US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr Rochelle Walensky’s tenure at the head of the US’s top government public health agency.

Dr Walensky will soon step down from her role, but in this explosive clip Ms Wolf accuses Dr Walensky of perjuring herself by lying to Congress twice when she claimed the Covid-19 vaccine was ‘safe and effective’, despite knowing the virus could still be transmitted by vaccinated people.

The CDC used this line as the basis for PR/propaganda campaigns to pressure people into taking the vaccine and to support or promote vaccine mandates. We now know of course that claims of the vaccine preventing transmission are complete nonsense, a fact confirmed by Pfizer themselves.

Ms Wolf took aim at Dr Walensky for not alerting the public that pregnant women and their unborn children were at significant risk of injury or death from the vaccine, even though she had in her possession documents from Pfizer themselves that detailed particular cases and the potential risks to pregnancies.

Dr Walenksy is also accused by Ms Wolf of having prior knowledge, by way of documentation, of Pfizer removing 200 sick people from their clinical trials so the false claim of the vaccine being 95% effective could be made.

CLICK HERE to watch the clip and read the transcript.

It’s yet more unravelling of the lies, censorship and propaganda we were fed during, and since, the pandemic. While it still goes on today, more truths are coming to light thanks to the courage of those brave enough to expose them, often at great personal cost.