Media release

McGowan’s resignation a win for WA

Clive Palmer has described Premier Mark McGowan’s resignation as a win for Western Australia.

“The people of Western Australia have suffered years of neglect under Mark McGowan, and time will tell the true cost of the damage he has caused the state,” Mr Palmer said.

“From his lockdowns which robbed WA citizens of their freedoms and economic prosperity to his personal vendettas against fellow Australians, he has failed the people he was elected to serve.

“By restricting free movement of Australian citizens within Australia and creating an island within-an-island, McGowan’s COVID-19 response was unconstitutional,” Mr Palmer said.

“He imposed the country’s toughest border restrictions, destroying the WA economy and the rights and freedoms of its people – and the fallout sadly continues to this day through business closures and a mental health crisis,” he said.

“I also call on McGowan’s partner in mischief WA Attorney General John Quigley to resign.

“Never before has a state attorney general failed so dismally at carrying out the rule of law. He needs to fall on his sword immediately.

“McGowan’s leadership has also been marred by the extraordinary relationship with media mogul Kerry Stokes.”

Mr Palmer said court documents had revealed the WA Premier had texted Mr Stokes, the owner of the West Australian, about the newspaper’s reporting on him.

“When the Premier can text a media owner to influence how reporting should be carried out on an individual, serious questions need to be asked about the integrity of the office and abuse of power,” Mr Palmer said.

“The AFR must be commended for its brave reporting in exposing the improper relationship between Mr McGowan and Mr Stokes.

“Mark McGowan had no regard for The Australian Constitution or for what it stood for. Western Australia will be better off without him,” Mr Palmer said.

“I am confident in the coming years it will be revealed that Mark McGowan’s tenure has caused more destruction and pain on its people than any other premier in Australia’s history.”