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Western Australian Parliament attacks the Rule of Law – North Korea Laws in Australia

Brisbane: The Iron Ore Processing (Mineralogy Pty. Ltd.) Agreement Amendment Bill 2020 passed by the Western Australian Parliament destroys Australian democracy, Clive Palmer said today.

“It provides the Premier of Western Australia and his Attorney General exemption from the criminal law and all civil liabilities,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The question must be asked what crimes have been committed or will be committed that require the Western Australian Parliament to exempt the Premier and the Attorney General from criminal prosecution?

“The Act bans any matter being taken to any Court.  So in that regard it would, in the theory, ban actions in the High Court of Australia. The Act also bans natural justice and proper process. It prohibits discovery and abolishes Freedom of Information, and hence the public’s right to know what this is all about and hold the Government accountable,’’ Mr Palmer said.

The Act terminates legal proceedings which were underway at the time of its passing in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, The Supreme Court of Queensland, The Supreme Court of New South Wales, the Federal Court of Australia.

The Act also terminates arbitration before former High Court Judge Michael McHugh QC and mediation before the former Chief Justice of Western Australia Wayne Martin QC that the State was a party to.

“The Act destroys Western Australia’s reputation as a place where the rule of law applies,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The Act assumes full judicial power and directs and imposes sanctions against a single citizen that it names, and imposes penalties against that person based on what other people may do. No charge. No trial. No right of defence. No justice.

“Separately, the Act interferes with the Australian Government’s obligations to honour international treaties and gives the State the right to encumber an individual’s assets for its own benefit without any legal basis to do so,” Mr Palmer said.

“The Act gives the Premier the power to make laws without reference to Parliament. In essence, the Act allows the Premier to rule by decree.  North Korea in an Australian setting,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Our way of life and the Australian Constitution is all we have.  We cannot allow Mark McGowan and John Quigley to destroy it. Don’t believe their cover-up.

“First they have come for me. What will you do when they come for you?” Mr Palmer said