Media release

McGowan and Quigley Contempt of the High Court of Australia

Clive Palmer will today commence proceedings in the High Court of Australia against Mark McGowan and John Quigley for contempt of the High Court of Australia.

“I understand it’s only the second time in Australia’s history that a proceeding for contempt has been brought before the High Court of Australia,” Mr Palmer said.

“I have been reluctant to bring such proceedings. Personally I bear no ill will towards Mark McGowan or John Quigley.

“But I must respect the institution of the courts, being the only institution in this country which stands between chaos and good order and that protects and defends the Australian Constitution and the welfare of all Australians,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“All Australians must be free to have access to our courts. Free from intimidation, fear or threats. Free from vitriolic abuse and violent rhetoric. Free from injury and damage should they seek to rely on the rule of law.

“They must be free from intimidation by government,’’ he said.