Media release

Palmer has no interest in bankrupting WA or McGowan

Clive Palmer stated in Brisbane today that he had no interest in bankrupting Mark McGowan or the State of Western Australia.

“Mark seems a bit upset,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“After all it was Mark who first attacked me relentlessly for eight weeks. Then he instigated the people of Western Australia to hate me so he could bring into law the greatest abrogation of human rights ever encountered in the history of Australia,’’ he said.

“It was Mark McGowan and John Quigley that increased the risk to the State by cancelling mediation with the former Chief Justice of Western Australia Wayne Martin.

“They will now face much greater damages and risk than ever existed before. They will soon find that out,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“They are nothing more than Keystone Cops who have given themselves an exemption from criminal laws and civil liability.

“They are Keystone Cops who have the people of Western Australia paying their bills and having to pay any damages that are awarded against them or the State.

As Winston Churchill said: ‘jaw-jaw is better than war-war’.

“It was Mark McGowan who declared war against me and did not want to talk or mediate.

“He can’t complain about the huge continuing financial risk he has placed him and the State in,’’ Mr Palmer said.