Media release

Politicians protect themselves

The new Iron Ore Processing (Mineralogy Pty Ltd) Agreement Amendment Act which was rushed through parliament last week was an absolute disgrace and against the fabric to exercise lawful rights, Clive Palmer said.

“This new Act effectively gives Mark McGowan and John Quigley exemptions from criminal and civil liability,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“No citizen in WA is exempt from criminal or civil liability so why should politicians be exempt?”

Mr Palmer said serious questions must be asked about whether the Act gave McGowan and his government a licence to take from the treasury.

“Is this the real reason for the Act?” he said.

“This Act amends a State Agreement for the first time in 60 years. It exempts the State from liabilities, removes appeal and excludes natural justice.

“All State Agreements in WA now have uncertainty. All companies with State Agreements will be worried and further investment in the state of WA is at risk,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“State Agreements are only relevant when everyone has confidence they won’t be manipulated for the government’s benefit.

“This Act should never have been accepted by the WA Government as arbitration on the matter was underway.

“The Act against me and my companies are unconstitutional and are against the ethics of freedom that so many Australians before us have died for in two world wars.

“We don’t need a Chinese or Soviet model of government where governments rule over the courts,’’ Mr Palmer said.