Media release

WA fails to have order in the Queensland Supreme Court set aside

In a wobbly start to the WA Government’s new Iron Ore Processing (Mineralogy Pty Ltd) Agreement Amendment Act which was rushed through parliament last week, the state has failed to have the registered Awards by the Queensland Supreme Court removed.

“The State of Western Australia has failed to set aside the order to remove the Awards made in the Queensland Supreme Court,’’ Clive Palmer said today.

Justice Martin agreed with Mineralogy Pty Ltd and International Minerals Pty Ltd to have the matter deferred to the 10th of September.

“Justice Martin has allowed Mineralogy and International Minerals to produce more evidence around the validity of the new WA Act that is against our company exercising our lawful rights,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mineralogy Pty Ltd was represented by Dominic O’Sullivan QC and

International Minerals Pty Ltd was represented by David Jackson QC in the matter.