Media release

WA needs to open its borders: Clive Palmer

With COVID cases on the decline and Australia now in the worst recession since the Second World War, Clive Palmer has urgently called on WA Premier Mark McGowan to re-open the State border.

“As coronavirus cases continue to reduce and given the fact that we are now in the worst recession since World War II, it is essential the borders are open so we can get the economy moving again,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“We have to be concerned about our fellow citizens and what these closures are doing to them.

“Look at the numbers. WA has only around five active cases, yet there has been 400 suicides in the last 12 months, approximately eight people a week tragically taking their own lives, and domestic violence has soared by 400%.

“The Premier needs to open the borders. The question must be asked, why shouldn’t the borders be open to states and territories where there are zero active cases such as the ACT, Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania?”

“All states need to listen to the Federal Government which wishes to initiate a uniform set of procedures at this difficult time.

“Why do Labor state governments always only look at the negative?” Mr Palmer said.

“McGowan is only politicizing the issue to win votes at the next election.”