Media release

A new deal for Queensland

Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party has vowed to deliver a new deal for Queensland to cut red tape, create jobs and get the economy moving again.

“It is a serious problem we face in Queensland,’’ Party leader Clive Palmer said.

“The economy is teetering on a knife’s edge and our people are in mass unemployment. Our tourism industry has been decimated. It’s a very worrying prospect to think about what’s going to happen when JobKeeper inevitably stops.”

Mr Palmer said Queensland was in a bad position under Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Labor government, made worse by her politicizing of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Queensland’s debt is over $100 million, there’s no real hope for people.  10,000 people have lost their jobs on the Gold Coast alone.

“Putting the virus aside, we have to get the Queensland economy moving again.

“We need a new deal for Queensland based on enterprise. We need to cut the red tape, eliminate payroll tax and eliminate land tax to make our State stronger and more competitive, and provide employment for our people.

“The current government can’t do that, it doesn’t listen, it’s not interested in big projects and it has no idea about wealth creation,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Our party has   great State Leader in Greg Dowling in Townsville.  I’m confident he’ll be elected.  He received over 20% of the vote when he stood for mayor and I’m sure people will rally behind him,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Many of our children don’t have any future for themselves or any enterprises to go into, that’s why we have to give Labor the boot.”