Media release

United Australia Party supports zonal tax to make regional Australia great

Senate leader for the United Australia Party, Brian Burston, says he supports a zonal taxation system to boost employment and growth for regional Australians. 

Senator Burston said regional communities in Dubbo, Tamworth, the Hunter Valley and throughout western NSW, Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, Tasmania, Broome, North Queensland and elsewhere were the backbone of Australia and didn’t deserve to be doing it so tough.

“Regional Australia has reached the stage where there is a chance for real change and the United Australia Party can deliver on this promise,’’ Senator Burston said.

“Zonal taxation previously existed under Liberal Governments in the 1960s and is constitutional under the Commonwealth laws.

“The United Australia Party is sick and tired of politicians from the city-centric major parties putting regional Australia last.

“We want regional Australia to become self-sufficient again, we need to put tax back into the pockets of hardworking regional Australians who will in return spend and stimulate growth and jobs,’’ he said.

“We need investment and jobs in order to develop our towns and communities. The time and opportunity is now.

“The United Australia Party supports regional tax concessions to grow regional economies and make it easier for people to do business,’’ he said.