Media release

Hanson Copies Party Policy

The United Australia Party called out Senator Pauline Hanson today for copying one its policies introduced in Western Australia by Senator Dio Wang of the Palmer United Party.

United Australia Party federal leader Clive Palmer slammed the behaviour today saying Senator Hanson was devoid of new ideas.

“She is stooping to plagiarising our party policies to maintain the relevance of her last remaining parliamentary colleague Peter Georgiou in Western Australia. She has no relevance left. Her party is dissolving before her eyes,’’ Mr Palmer said.

The copied policy was originally presented by Palmer United Party Senator Dio Wang back in April 2014.

Senator Wang’s policy sought to keep 100% of the GST earned in WA to stay and be spent in WA.

At the time Senator Wang stated: “WA must see its full share of GST returned to the state to ensure our aging schools and hospitals are upgraded, to ensure our regional communities, industries and people are supported to the best of our ability.”

Clive Palmer said One Nation would cease to exist by the next election.

“Party members are deserting Pauline Hanson and it’s easy to see why,” Mr Palmer said.