Media release

United Australia Party delivers $144 billion in tax cuts for all Australians

The United Australia Party (UAP) has delivered $144 billion in tax cuts for all Australians with Senate leader Brian Burston voting in favour of the Government’s plan today.

Senator Burston said it was a great day for all Australians with the Senate passing the three-stage, $144 billion package of income tax cuts.

“I am very happy to deliver on my promise to support these tax cuts, which have now become a reality for all Australians,’’ Senator Burston said.

“I strongly support more money being made available to all Australians to stimulate our economy and to create opportunities for all.

“Australia must compete with all major economies to attract the capital which Australia and Australian companies needed to fund their operations and create jobs and job security for all.

Federal leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, congratulated Senator Burston for sticking up for everyday Australians

“Many Australian families were doing it hard and these tax cuts will provide them with real assistance and support,’’ he said.

“The UAP is committed to uniting the country to doing what’s best for all our citizens. Make Australia great again,’’ he said.