Media release

Clive Palmer considering running against Cathy O’Toole in Herbert

Federal leader of the United Australia Party Clive Palmer said he was considering running against Labor MP Cathy O’Toole for the seat of Herbert at the next election.

“I am discussing with my political advisors of the possibility of contesting the Queensland seat of Herbert,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Instead of pretending to be a journalist like she did at today’s UAP press conference, Cathy O’Toole should be focussing on securing jobs for her region,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“She seems intent on sending the Townsville economy backwards 50 years.”

Mr Palmer said Ms O’Toole should engage more with the people of Townsville and not the unions who back her.

“As recently as last week, the local paper showed a poll that 70% of Townsville people supported the plans to reopen the refinery,’’ he said.

“She knows the real situation in Townsville where the administrators of the refinery refused to transfer money to pay bills and to transfer employees to another company to save all jobs.

“The Labor Party is scared about raising these issues and instead send a member of their chorus to high jack press conferences.

“Cathy O’Toole is nothing more than a Bill Shorten puppet – there was even a Shorten staffer passing her questions at the press conference.

“If Bill Shorten wasn’t a gutless wonder who had not achieved much in life, he would have been there himself

“Stop consorting with Shannon,’’ Mr Palmer said.