Media release

Pauline Hanson is Delusional: Clive Palmer

Federal leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, said Pauline Hanson’s claims that he bullied her over company tax cuts were delusional.

“She is making these claims for publicity. The reality is I haven’t spoken to Pauline Hanson,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“I spoke to her staffer James Ashby and mentioned how important it is that money stays within Australia, is recirculated in this country and not sent abroad.

“Money needs to stay within Australia so we can create more jobs,’’ he said.

“Pauline Hanson is bitter because she is losing her party. We all know she has lost senators because she doesn’t fulfil the promises she has made.

“The real problem Australian businesses face is that they are too heavily taxed making them non-competitively globally.

“Australian businesses need to be as competitive as possible so we can create the employment that we richly deserve,’’ Mr Palmer said.