Media release

United Australia Party calls for end to entitlements for retired politicians

Federal leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, said today that he would fight to ensure outgoing members of parliament did not receive ongoing taxpayer funded entitlements.

“It’s time to stop the gravy train. Politicians are happy to line their own pockets but are simply miserable when it comes to supporting those who most need help,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“When elected at the next federal election, the United Australia Party will introduce policy that stops entitlements immediately for retired politicians.

“Serving the Australian people is a reward in itself. The taxpayer should not be burdened with supporting the retirement lifestyle of former members of parliament.

“The status quo is a huge impost on taxpayers. Banning these lavish entitlements would reduce the budget deficit immediately.

“Why should politicians be allowed to keep their noses in the trough receiving entitlements once they finish work?

“Entitlements should be zero once you leave parliament,” Mr Palmer said.

“We need to do the best we can by Australia to make Australia great and put Australia first.”