Media release

Clive Palmer: Liberal and Labor no different from each other

FEDERAL Leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, says the Australian public have now realised that there is no difference between the Liberal and Labor parties, with neither side of the duopoly standing for anything other than self-interest and re-election.

Mr Palmer declared the recent 60 Minutes episode, where Labor’s Anthony Albanese and Liberal’s Craig Laundy were filmed sharing a cosy beer, as nothing more than a vain attempt to win back public confidence in order to save their own skins.

“Anthony Albanese and Craig Laundy have proven one thing and one thing only to the Australian public – that there is no difference between Labor and the Liberals,” Mr Palmer said.

“They are all in it together and the losers are the Australian people. I’ve sat in the House of Representatives and I know what it’s like. The chamber is nothing more than a theatre with bad actors who are playing the Australian people for fools.

“These so-called adversaries and enemies from the Liberal and Labor parties are going out for dinner with each other on a Friday night. The deals they strike are all the same – you scratch my back while you’re in government and when the roles are reversed I’ll scratch yours.”

Mr Palmer also pointed to a recent Essential Research poll published on 25 September where just 15% of people said they trusted political parties and 45% believed there was ‘widespread corruption’ in politics – 9% higher than the banking and finance sector.

In addition, over 40% of respondents believed there to be no difference between the two major parties when it comes to representing the various groups making up the voting public.

“Australians want to hear ideas for the nation. They want to know what the plan is. The only plan the government and the opposition have is to ensure they stay on the political gravy train at the expense of the Australian people.”