Media release

Australia needs freedom of the press

Federal leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, said today that Australia needed freedom of the press at this critical time in our country’s development.

“The media needs to adopt an attitude where they report real news and not just provide opinions serving their own self-interests,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“To interview another journalist isn’t news, it’s just a way of creating content cheaply instead of reporting investigative journalism and facts.

“The media needs to be strong and report without fear or favour. Reporting should be fair and accurate.”

Mr Palmer said the proper reporting of facts should then allow media audiences to shape their own opinions.

“Debate has been limited to a two party system, more than often agreeing on the same ideas. We as a country are limited by limited views,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“We need to do the best we can by Australia to make Australia great and put Australia first.

“The United Australia Party is uniting all under a common purpose with a plan.

“The day is coming when the plan will be released to all Australians.

“Problems created by men and women can be solved by men and women.

“We can have a secure and positive future. Together, united we can achieve the extraordinary,’’ Mr Palmer said.