Media release

Government decisions driving energy prices up: Palmer

Network and distribution contractors earning exorbitant government fees in return for party donations was the main reason Australians were paying too much for their energy, Clive Palmer said today.

“The ABC and other media organisations need to report on the truth about why energy prices are so high,” Mr Palmer said.

“The largest component of our energy prices is the network and infrastructure fees being charged.

“The truth that’s not being reported is these fees are a large component of the entire energy bill.

“The Liberal and Labor governments spent approximately $20 billion on energy infrastructure which they got their ‘friends’ to do, paying them fixed 15% returns.

“These friends who were awarded the contracts in return provide maximum donations back to political parties.

“The ABC and other media organisations should fact check what the difference those 15% payments would be compared with the normal Government borrowings for infrastructure loans of 2% or less.”

Mr Palmer said the Liberal and Labor parties at the state level had locked these expensive fees in on long-term 15% return rates and everyday Australians were now exploited for life.

“Politicians are blaming everyone else but they are at the centre of the problem, hiding behind infrastructure and distribution charges.

“We continue to produce some of the world’s cleanest coal for export to other countries who use it for their value-add industries, making them more cost competitive than us because they don’t have these infrastructure charges,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“We need reduced electricity prices now so we can benefit at the household level and the industrial level.

“The truth is our politicians don’t have any idea and probably don’t even know they have been ripped off.

“One thing for sure is the Liberal and Labor governments will never admit that they are responsible for our expensive energy prices.

“The ABC and other media organisations need to prove their worth and report on the real reason why our energy prices are so expensive.

“Australians have no trust in politicians, parliament or institutions that exploit and feed fake news.

“Put Australia first and let’s make Australia great. Together we can achieve the extraordinary,’’ Mr Palmer said.