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Nothing will save Cathy O’Toole: Palmer

Former Labor leader Chris Bowen’s visit to Townsville today was a futile attempt to protect Cathy O’Toole from the disasters Labor has caused in North Queensland, Clive Palmer said.

“In essence Labor was saying today that they won’t support Queensland Nickel and the creation of 3000 jobs plus billions of dollars of export revenue unless I comply with their ideologies,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“We must remember that QNI and Clive Mensink offered to pay all creditors and if the administrators accepted the money, nobody would have lost their jobs.

“This has been acknowledged in a sworn affidavit by the former administrator of Queensland Nickel, Kelly-Anne Trenfield. It was the Labor and Liberal governments both state and federal that wouldn’t support QNI,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Ultimately it will be the liquidators who will pay for what they have done to North Queensland.

“I find it so unusual that a politician in Townsville would be more interested in her own perks of the job than the prosperity of the people within her city.

“Jobs are so important to our people however Cathy O’Toole is more interested in her own ideologies and self-interests.

“I’m not the problem. It’s the road blocks that Labor keeps building which stops this great city thriving.

“We know Labor and Liberal don’t care about North Queensland. If they did they would endorse candidates to run as senators but they don’t.

“If I’m elected to the Australian Parliament I will donate 100% of my salary to the people of Townsville and our community.

“Public service has no reward, history is our only reward. We should show those who seek money and reward the contempt they deserve. Our city needs more tourism to create the jobs and prosperity its people are craving.

“Cathy O’Toole’s negative attitude shows she can’t be trusted to represent this city.

“Both Liberal and Labor are tarred with the same brush.

“What Australia needs is experience so it can run properly and be great again.

“I am overseas currently working with businesses to assist with the reopening of the refinery. Once opened we will see substantial benefits flowing back into this great community.

“Together we can achieve the extraordinary,’’ Mr Palmer said.