Media release

Fake News Award Winner is News Corp

Federal leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, says the Courier Mail should be presented with a fake news award for its recent article about the party not being registered for next year’s election.

“The Courier Mail is nothing more than fake news,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The truth is the United Australia Party will be registered, we have thousands of members coming to us every day.

“As we did in the 2013, we will have candidates running in every seat at the next federal election,’’ he said.

Mr Palmer said growing frustration and mistrust in the major parties would result in them soon being referred to as the minor parties.

“The reality is that neither Labor nor Liberal has a plan and politicians from both sides continue to fight each other about nothing while the Courier Mail cheers them along.

“The Courier Mail is good for advertisers of chops and veggies and wrapping fish and chips, but not much else.

“I award the Courier Mail as the fake news winner of the last 12 months, finishing marginally ahead of The Australian,’’ he said.