Media release

Jen Sackley: Voters speak of neglect in Cairns

FEEDBACK from residents has highlighted the level of political neglect in Cairns, says United Australia Party Secretary for North Queensland, Jen Sackley.

Ahead of the official opening of the new United Australia Party Cairns office, Ms Sackley has spent time meeting locals and discussing not only topical news items, but more importantly the issues affecting the people of Cairns every day.

“The overwhelming feedback I’ve had from meeting people recently is that new momentum is needed for a range of projects in this region,” Ms Sackley said.

“Everything from water security, infrastructure, concerning tourism numbers and the upgrading of the Port of Cairns are the questions locals are seeking answers to.

“I’m a Cairns local myself, so I’m acutely aware of these ongoing issues. The port topic in particular highlights government inertia in Cairns and North Queensland in general.

“Despite support from residents and local groups like the Cairns Chamber of Commerce, Advance Cairns and Cairns City Council, the dredging of the port that will allow access to larger ships and turbo-charge tourism numbers continues to be stalled without reasonable explanation.

“This endangers the economic future of Cairns and both Liberal and Labor through state and federal government have blood on their hands.

“The inaction is typical of a government that does nothing for the people up here except flood us with empty promises at election time. The people of North Queensland deserve better representation than this.

“We talk about political neglect a lot in Australia. North Queensland is the epitome of it,” Ms Sackley said.