Media release

Political courage a prerequisite for United Australia Party candidates

POLITICAL courage will be a key characteristic for United Australia Party candidates when preselection gets underway in the coming months.

Federal Leader Clive Palmer says the current political climate requires both fortitude and resilience to not just discuss, but solve the real issues Australians face in their everyday lives.

“Possessing political courage doesn’t mean having the nerve to spew out divisive rhetoric simply to grab attention. It’s about bringing new ideas to the table and opening up a real discussion in the community leading to effective, practical solutions,” Mr Palmer said.

“What we see at the moment are two stale parties who are hell bent on one thing – retaining their seats as a means of preserving their power and self-interest.

“It suits them to narrow the debate and stifle ideas. It keeps the merry-go-round spinning nicely for them, but it achieves nothing for everyday Australians who have now lost all trust in Canberra’s political rabble.

“Our candidates will have the courage to bring forward new ideas and present a viable alternative. It is absolutely clear that the political system in this country needs change; and change is coming.

“People who cannot afford pay their bills or have to scrimp and save for the basics need practical solutions now, not ideological fantasies used for point scoring in parliament.

“We have to grow our economy and protect the future for all Australians. That’s what the United Australia Party stands for – putting Australia first – and that is what we will do.”