Media release

Calls for mini economic summit in North Queensland

JEN Sackley believes North Queensland businesses who are tired of inaction and neglect from state and federal governments could hold the answers to the region’s economic inertia.

The United Australia Party Secretary for North Queensland says a mini economic summit with business leaders in the north of the state could do much to restore confidence, generate new ideas and get projects up and running.

“The people up here have the energy, the ideas and the drive to get their communities moving. If we wait for government we’ll be waiting forever,” Ms Sackley said.

“Let’s get local businesses in a room and flesh out the ideas that will get North Queensland going again. A mini economic summit could do wonders for confidence and hand back some power to those who are invested in these regions.

“Governments lack ideas and energy – they’re too busy posturing and jostling for position. The United Australia Party wants to bring people together and use their combined energy and ideas to generate positive action.

“What better focus group could we possibly build than a collective of minds and businesses who have the best interests of North Queensland at heart. They live here; they’ve invested here and they know the landscape.

“I’m calling on the federal members in the north of the state to invite business leaders to a mini economic summit. I can assure them that the wheels of business move a lot faster than government and it’s time for action.”