Media release

Australians Should Have Same Access to Super as Politicians

Federal leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, says the eligibility age for Australians to access their superannuation should be tied to the same level as politicians. 

“Politicians from both sides are out of touch with everyday Australians,’’ Mr Palmer said

“Where is the dignity or common sense in asking hard working Australians to continue to slog it out into old age when politicians can access their benefits much earlier when they still have plenty of time left to enjoy them?”

“The Government thinks it is appropriate to delay paying superannuation to regular Australians for as long as possible, while protecting their cosy relationships with fund managers, lobbyists and party donors.”

Mr Palmer said the United Australia Party would fight to ensure superannuation eligibility was fair for all.

“The only way to stop the Government and Opposition’s raid on superannuation was for Australians to vote for the United Australian Party at the next federal election – the party that will support allowing Australians having the same access to super as politicians.

“We need to do the best we can by Australia to make Australia great and put Australia first.

“The United Australia Party is uniting all under a common purpose with a plan.

“The day is coming when the plan will be released to all Australians.

“Problems created by men and women can be solved by men and women.

“We can have a secure and positive future. Together, united we can achieve the extraordinary,’’ Mr Palmer said.