Media release

PM fails integrity test

Federal leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, says Prime Minister Scott Morrison has failed the integrity test with his deplorable response to the assistant treasurer’s home internet bill scandal.

“We all know Scott Morrison and Stuart Robert are thick as thieves, living together in Canberra and sharing the same social and religious life,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“For the PM to say he will carry out an investigation into his friend over the outrageous data charges he accumulated at taxpayers’ expense is nothing short of a joke.

“How can this be independent? It will be pushed under the carpet,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“This is why when the United Australia Party is elected we will establish a federal ICAC to ensure politicians are accountable and treat their obligations to their constituents seriously.

“It’s incredible on the eve of the Wentworth by-election that the PM would shield Stuart Robert from accountability.

“This is a situation where the PM could make a stand and accept responsibility for his government’s ongoing problems.

“To be caught and then offer to pay back the funds isn’t good enough, punishment is required. Stuart Robert should be thrown out.”

“Any politician taking advantage of their office or taxpayers funds must be accountable for their actions.

“The PM needs to distance himself from Stuart Robert and the best way to do this is to dismiss him.

“Mr Morrison needs to familiarise himself with section 44 of the constitution which says politicians need to be trusted and hold accountability to their office.

“It’s clear that politicians can’t be trusted and a federal ICAC needs to be introduced.

“The United Australia Party will make this happen once elected.  The Liberal and Labor parties aren’t going to do it because they have too much to hide.

“We need to do the best we can by Australia to make Australia great and put Australia first.

“The United Australia Party is uniting all under a common purpose with a plan.

“We can have a secure and positive future. Together, united we can achieve the extraordinary,’’ Mr Palmer said.