Media release

United Australia Party backs nuclear energy for affordable and reliable power

Federal Leader of the United Australia Party, Mr Clive Palmer today in Adelaide supported the use of nuclear power from Australian uranium for the country’s future energy needs.

“Nuclear power from Australian uranium means affordable energy, lower living costs, zero emissions, real jobs and exports,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“It’s our resource and our advantage,’’ he said.

South Australians have experienced unreliable power supply for years, affecting their households and business.

“Just because the Labor and Liberal parties want to live in the dark, why should South Australian’s have to do the same with blackout after blackout,” Mr Palmer said.

“Surely the time has come for Australia to use nuclear power,” he said.

Of the 20 highest electricity consumption countries globally, Australia is the only nation prohibiting nuclear power.

“A reliable power alternative will make electricity pricing more competitive, so that hardworking Australians can enjoy a lower cost of living,” Mr Palmer said.

“Major energy consumers such as the USA, China, India, Russia, Japan, Canada, Germany, and France rely on this emission-free, safe, job-creating source for much of their electricity needs,” he said.

“In Australia, we have less than 3000 jobs in the nuclear industry sector mainly centred on the mining and export of our uranium yellow cake to existing nuclear reactors across the world and valued at less than $600 million to the nation.

“Canada has over 60,000 jobs in their nuclear industry and a nuclear industry value to the nation of over $5 billion,” Mr Palmer said.

Australia has a golden opportunity for economic and social development by embracing nuclear power from Australian uranium.