Media release

Labor and China’s Communist Government conspiring against Australia

The United Australia Party has accused the Labor Party and the Chinese Communist Government of being joined at the hip, after blatantly interfering in Australia’s political process over election funding claims.

The lead Senate candidate for the United Australia Party in Western Australia, Mr James McDonald said that his party’s election funding had nothing to do with China, and had been raised from the sales of Mr Palmer’s iron ore reserves.

“Mr Palmer and the United Australia Party have been consistent in protecting Australia’s sovereignty, as Labor consorts with China’s Communist Government to sell control of our local companies,” Mr McDonald said.

“Mr Palmer is using his own funds to promote Australian interests, while Labor conspires with Communists, to recruit ALP members and approve the takeover of strategic assets, including airports at Cape Preston and Meriden,” he said.

Mr McDonald said this matter goes to the core of sovereignty and integrity in Australia.

“Why would Mr Palmer continue to attack the Chinese Communist Government if he was benefitting to the extent Labor claims,” Mr McDonald said.

“This just confirms that Mr Palmer cannot be bought, unlike the Labor Government which continues to sell our strategic airports and ports to China at an alarming rate,” he said.

Shifty Shorten and Mark McGowan are having yum cha together on the expense account of the Australian people, and again have failed the test of putting Australia first.

“Why is it that the Chinese Government is allowed to meddle in our national affairs by placing advertisements promoting the benefits of Chinese capital in a Citic Pacific Mining project, right in the middle of an election campaign,” Mr McDonald said.

This is a disgrace that the Chinese Government is allowed in such an underhanded manner to become involved in our election like this.

The United Australia Party is campaigning to protect our strategic assets such as ports, airports and gas infrastructure from foreign government ownership.

“Foreign ownership is in breach of our laws, yet our politicians allow it to keep happening,” Mr McDonald said.

“We need to save this country,’’ he said.