Media release

United Australia Party calls Shorten a hypocrite

The federal leader of the United Australia Party, Mr Clive Palmer today labelled Bill Shorten a hypocrite, after it was revealed Labor had put the UAP second on its how to vote cards in two Tasmanian seats.

“Despite Mr Shorten calling me a tosser and a con man, he’s still prepared to preference our party when it suits him,” Mr Palmer said.

Only a few days ago, he said there was no way he would preference the United Australia Party, yet now we see him out there dealing like a card shark.

“He is a first-class hypocrite, and a desperate man,” he added.

The opposition is preferencing the United Australia party second in Franklin and above independent MP, Andrew Wilkie, in the seat of Clark.

“There is no way that the Australian electorate can trust Shorten and his mates,” Mr Palmer said.