Media release

Clive Palmer sets record straight over continued McGowan lies

Clive Palmer today set the record straight over Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan’s continued lies about Mineralogy.

Mineralogy has paid $44m tax to the Australia Government this year, making it one of the largest tax payers in the country.

Citic Limited has not paid one cent of tax for this project.

WA Government under the McGowan Government has given Citic Limited a 50% discount – YES 50% discount – on royalties payable to his Government.

This has cost Western Australian residents new schools and hospitals.

McGowan remains a close friend to the Chinese Communist Government, he doesn’t care about the people in Western Australian.

He continues to lie about Mineralogy’s tax status while supporting a foreign country owned company.

Clive Palmer has called The WA Premier unpatriotic and has called for Mr McGowan to stop fighting for foreign-owned Government enterprises over Australian interests.

“Mineralogy regards Citic’s approach to enlist the support of an Australian state government in its commercial dispute against an Australian company as disturbing,” he said.

Mr Palmer stated that serious questions need to be asked as to whether Mr McGowan has a bank account in Beijing.