Media release

Shifty Shorten at it again

Federal Leader of the United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, confirmed today that some Liberal members had changed alliances to the United Australia Party and were now handing out how to vote cards for the Party.

“Many Liberal voters are now supporting the United Australia Party and assisting us with handing out how to vote cards because they believe in what we stand for,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“This is a testimony to the great ideas we have generated during this election campaign.

“The truth is that Labor are flying unionists to North Queensland to man polling booths. Of course these people are being paid full salaries to do this,’’ he said.

Mr Palmer said Labor wanted to destroy the sugar and coal industries of central and north Queensland.

“Bill Shorten misleads the Australian public. A vote for Shifty Shorten is a vote for a one trillion dollar bill.

“The United Australia Party supports the coal and sugar industries which are the backbones of the economy,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer said Australians desperately needed the kind of cheaper power experienced in countries including China, Japan and Korea whose low energy prices were based on Queensland coal.

“The manufacturing sectors in these countries are built on value-adding to Queensland resources, leading to increased wages and higher living standards.

“These manufactured products are then sent back to Australia as high-cost imports.

“Processing Queensland and Australian resources at home will create jobs, increase exports and provide a higher standard of living,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The United Australia Party has set clear targets for the use of ethanol-based fuels produced from Queensland sugar which will deliver benefits for the agricultural industry, jobs and the environment,” Mr Palmer said.