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Special Purpose Liquidator apologises for not disclosing crucial documents

King & Wood Mallesons apology not enough: Clive Palmer

A solicitor for King & Wood Mallesons (KWM), Ms Emma Costello, has sincerely apologised to the Court and to Clive Palmer for not disclosing crucial documents in the Queensland Nickel case.

Ms Costello also stated in her affidavit to the court that it wasn’t her intention to not provide the documents.

Clive Palmer said it was a bombshell revelation that KWM had withheld crucial documents from disclosure.

Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, the Special Purpose Liquidator (SPL) has withdrawn all claims made against Mr Palmer and all defendants.

“If I was aware of the undisclosed document, I would not have given Aurizon a release the day before the document was disclosed to the court from a $1.6 billion claim that was filed against Aurizon in the Supreme Court of Queensland,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“It should be noted that KWM acted for Aurizon in obtaining that release.

“The document itself destroyed the SPL case,’’ he said.

“It is unbelievable that King & Wood Mallesons breached their legal obligations to the Court by withholding crucial documents.

“In my opinion, the partner of KWM responsible for running this case is an obscenity.  He has exposed all the partners of KWM, including their partners in China and their global chairman Wang Junfeng in Beijing – a leading member of the Chinese Communist Party – to damages claims from our companies of hundreds of millions of dollars,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“We are currently seeking legal advice in respect of an action against KWM,’’ Mr Palmer said.