Media release

Queensland Labor Government continues to destroy economy

The Palaszczuk Government continued to destroy the North Queensland economy by denying Queensland Nickel access and tenure to its berth at the Townsville port, Clive Palmer said today.

“How long can the Premier of Queensland hide behind her party’s lies that Queensland Nickel hasn’t paid the workers,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The fact of the matter is that under the executed Settlement Agreement I have paid all that is owed in employee entitlements, under the Fair Entitlement Guarantee, and to creditors. There is nothing outstanding.

“Everyone has been paid and yet the Labor Queensland Government continues to stop this major project from operating, which would have a major economic benefit on the North Queensland economy’’ he said.

Mr Palmer has now called on the Queensland Labor Government to stop playing politics over the Townsville refinery and allow it to get back into production so it can begin employing thousands of North Queenslanders.

“Approximately 3000 direct and indirect jobs are being denied in North Queensland with Queensland Nickel not operating,’’ he said.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk and her cronies grand stand and have fake meetings in Townsville. Her Government spends millions on a stadium where locals can’t afford the price of admission.

“Any visitor to the region can see the devastation to Townsville from action or lack of action by Labor.

Mr Palmer has also strongly condemned the Labor Townsville City Council over its disastrous decisions during the flood crisis.

“Under her direction, at a time when the Ross River Dam was already over capacity and with massive rain knowingly coming, Mayor Jenny Hill refused to release water,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“If she gave instructions to release dam water when she should have, as per expert advice, the dam would have been able to capture more rain water.”

“If that was done much of the devastation to property and the welfare of Townsville people could have been avoided,’’ he said.

With the nickel price booming, Mr Palmer said all efforts should be made by the Palaszczuk Government and industry to get the $6 billion Queensland Nickel industrial project running.

“Why are the state and local governments of Townsville punishing the people of North Queensland when these people are already suffering?’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The Premier and her three state Labor members in this region refuse to meet with me. I’m the wealthiest Queenslander prepared to invest heavily in the region to create a better Townsville.

“The deputy Premier Jackie Trad is more interested in her personal property portfolio than helping Queenslanders. Like her colleagues, she is only interested in serving herself.

“Public service has no reward, history is its only reward,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“After the next state election, Labor will be history and what legacy does the Palaszczuk Government leave the people of Townsville?

“Following the last federal election we saw Shifty Shorten and his Labor party disintegrate and we will see the same again with the Palaszczuk Government. She has done nothing for the people of Queensland and they deserve more,’’ Mr Palmer said.