Media release

Clive Palmer offers to help Labor

Clive Palmer announced today he would be happy to meet with the Australian Labor Party hierarchy to advise them on where they went so hopelessly wrong in the last federal election.

“A stronger ALP means a better country for all Australians moving forward,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Labor got it so terribly wrong at the last election and I want to help them because democracy is about strong, robust debate and we can’t have that with the ALP in tatters.”

Mr Palmer said he was willing to advise the ALP on policy, advertising and restructuring the party ranks.

“At the last federal election we saw traditional Labor voters leave the party in droves because they backed the Greens.

“The ALP has clearly lost its way. I would be more than happy to offer my assistance to get them back on track for the benefit of a healthy democracy,’’ Mr Palmer said.