Media release

The Australian is fake news

Clive Palmer has vowed to take action against The Australian newspaper for its latest bout of fake news designed to smear his character.

Mr Palmer said The Australian’s appalling editorial standards were only getting worse, highlighted by today’s erroneous and damaging opinion piece about the Queensland Nickel settlement.

“They have been fed overinflated figures from the Special Purpose Liquidators and reported them without any regard for the truth,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, the Special Purpose Liquidator has withdrawn all claims the SPL made against Mr Palmer and all the defendants associated with Mr Palmer.

“The amount that is being paid out under the Settlement Deed is 100% of employee entitlements, FEG, and creditors but because of the bogus claims made by the liquidators in court and in the press over the last three years it represents only 40% of the amount that was claimed against us by the liquidators in the case,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“It just goes to show you how these people manipulate the media and the courts – and what the press will do to sell papers,’’ he said.

“I had no option but to fight this battle to clear my name and to demonstrate to all Australians that serious action is needed to reform the insolvency industry which just destroys and does not build enterprise and jobs.”

Mr Palmer confirmed that under the terms of the Settlement Agreement neither he nor any of his companies would pay the tens of millions of dollars in legal fees and fees paid to and by the Special Purpose Liquidators.

Mr Palmer said that as a result of The Australian continually damaging his reputation with fake news he had instructed his lawyers to pursue for damages.

“Legal action will be brought against The Australian and its editor for the lies it continuously publishes,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“They will have their day in court, where their lies and fake news will be exposed.”