Media release

Memberships surge for United Australia Party

The United Australia Party is experiencing an unprecedented surge in membership following the announcement of Craig Kelly MP being appointed party leader.

Chairman Clive Palmer said more than 1000 people from across Australia have joined the party since this week’s leadership announcement.

“The people have responded,” Mr Palmer said.

“There is enormous support in the community for Craig Kelly’s leadership and his courage and integrity for standing up for the rights of all Australians.

“The time has come to change the Government.

“The United Australia Party will be fielding candidates for all Senate and House of Representatives positions in the upcoming Federal Election and will be calling for nominations in the coming weeks.

“I urge all Australians to get behind the United Australia Party, visit our website at and join our membership.

“Let’s take a stand and get ready for the upcoming election,” Mr Palmer said.

“We can never trust the Liberal or Labor parties again.”