Media release

Liberals Hopeless in Western Australia: Palmer

Zak Kirkup must be the most hopeless Liberal leader in the party’s history, Clive Palmer said today.

“He is young and lacks experience. He has no leadership qualities and just follows the lead of the Labor Party,” Mr Palmer said.

“Western Australian voters are better to vote for Labor than to vote for someone who just copies the Labor Party and offers no policy or alternative.

“This is the same guy who was caught crying when he was elected liberal leader. He knows as do most Australians that the only reason Scott Morrison is Prime Minister is because the United Australia Party gave its preferences  to the Liberal Party,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Mr Kirkup does not have to worry about me donating to the Liberal Party or anyone else donating while he is leader.  No-one could support such a no hoper.”

“I would like to also correct a statement released by our public relations consultant yesterday which unfortunately I was not given the opportunity to review prior to release.

“I have not discontinued any defamation proceedings and have no intention of doing so,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“My solicitors have written to the WA Premier and Attorney General’s legal representatives offering to withdraw the charges of contempt against them in the High Court of Australia. I have done this in a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness.

“They are quick to complain but slow to agree that we withdraw the proceedings as they are mainly after votes.

“Mr Kirkup should remember we are all Australians and all entitled to our political views. The public is not interested in personal attacks on anyone. What they want are policies that improve their lives and provide for a better future.

“Mr Kirkup should point out that the Labor Party attacks me to divert the public’s attention away from the fact that they have no policies and they seek to divert the public from important issues.

“Where would Australia be if Shifty Shorten was Prime Minister and we had a Labor government in Canberra?  Labor would have spent all the money and there would have been no JobKeeper.

“All Australians need to concentrate on the future and regrettably the Liberal Party in Western Australia has a second rate person as leader who is lost in the wilderness. He does not have to worry about donations. I am sure no one will donate to him and his party as long as he is leader,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Mr Kirkup would do well to come up with a positive policy for the people of Western Australia rather than attack someone who is not even standing in the State Election. That is how inept and inexperienced he is.

“He should learn from the recent attacks in Washington the folly of sowing hatred in the community. I don’t intend spending one dollar in the Western Australian election,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“I predict under Mr Kirkup’s leadership the Liberal Party will lose over 80% of the seats it currently holds in parliament and will become the junior partner in the coalition.

“I can’t think of one reason why anyone would vote for such an inexperienced person as Mr Kirkup.

“He should start looking for a job now. Public service has no reward, history is its only reward and Mr Kirkup’s brief time as leader will form part of history after the next state election,’’ Mr Palmer said.