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Palmer video highlights truth behind Labor’s death tax risk

The Chairman of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, last night released a video highlighting the truth behind Labor’s death tax risk.

“I’m very concerned about the death tax Labor is proposing and we all know that death duties are a policy of the Greens.

“At the next election we will decide the government of Queensland and it is highly likely that if the Labor Party gets a chance of winning, they will be in coalition with the Greens.”

In the video, Mr Palmer reminds Queenslanders that for many years Wayne Swan wanted to redistribute wealth in Australia by taking from the people and giving it to government.

“You can’t afford to give Labor your children’s inheritance, it’s as simple as that,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“People may want to make fun of me or have a go at me personally, that’s not the issue.

“The issue is to make sure that the hard work Queenslanders have done over many years doesn’t go to the Labor Party, it goes to them and their children.

Mr Palmer said the Queensland Labor Government would justify the new tax to combat its $120 billion debt blowout.

“The only way Labor can reduce its debt is by taking from Queensland families. They are out of ideas and have no policies that can deliver growth and a strong economic future for this State,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Under a returned Labor Government, we will see family assets taken by the state. Our children and grandchildren will have assets chiselled out from them after the hard efforts and endeavours of those before them,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“We simply can’t risk a Labor death tax of 20% on all the assets we hold,’’ Mr Palmer said.

View the video here: