Media release

AEC confirms Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party remains registered

The Chairman of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, Clive Palmer, said today the Australian Electoral Commissioned had admitted its wrongdoing in suggesting the party was not eligible to remain registered.

In correspondence to Mr Palmer from Joanne Reid, the AEC’S Assistant Commissioner Disclosure, Assurance and Engagement it stated: “I am now writing to you to advise that, as a delegate of the Electoral Commission, I have determined that Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party continues to meet the eligibility requirements set out by the Electoral Act to remain on the Register.”

In October last year the AEC issued a notice of intention to deregister the party, claiming it had failed a membership test to determine whether it had at least 500 members, sparking a legal challenge from Mr Palmer.

“It seems clear that these AEC public servants designed their comments before the last state election to distract voters,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“There was never any finding that our party has less than 500 members. It was a lie as we have many thousands of members.

“The problem is that there are too many lefties in the AEC, they are not loyal Australians.

“They need to be politically neutral, they overstepped the mark with the original decision. The AEC should be impartial and not politically motivated,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The AEC knew we were compliant with our registration and that we had thousands of party members, however they tried to politicise themselves to gain relevance.

“The officers who made the original bad decision need to be politically neutral, they are bureaucrats and should do their jobs instead of dealing in controversy,’’ Mr Palmer said.