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McGowan exposes WA to massive additional burden following WA state election: Palmer

Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan has exposed WA to massive additional financial burden while he continues to grandstand about saving the State from bankruptcy, Clive Palmer said in Brisbane today.

“Mark McGowan is busy bragging about how he has saved WA from going bankrupt,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Instead all he has done is delay the inevitable and it will add hundreds of millions of dollars in more damages and interest to our claims.”

Mr Palmer said the legislation would ultimately be a legal failure.

“Only days before this legislation, McGowan’s Government signed a mediation agreement with me and former Western Australian Chief Justice, Wayne Martin QC,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Negotiations were scheduled to commence shortly and there was every prospect that the dispute could be settled for a fair and reasonable amount.

“Instead, the McGowan Government has now exposed the State of WA to additional financial burden.

“When the election has come and gone, he will face the music of our claim,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“He should have followed Winston Churchill’s words that meeting jaw to jaw was better than war.

“He wants war instead of peace,’’ Mr Palmer said.