Media release

Free our people: Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer today called on all State Premiers to free their communities and allow the nation to properly function.

“There is nothing more certain than the fact that the Labor Premiers are destroying the nation’s economy and wellbeing,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“If this continues, Australia will never be able to repay the debt and we will become a third world country.

“The facts are that we have no active cases in South Australia, Tasmania, the ACT and the Northern Territory, only three active cases in WA and 29 in Queensland. We have 25 million people in this country. Our lives shouldn’t be destroyed by Marxism.”

Mr Palmer said the Queensland Premier’s heartless decision to not allow a dying man to see his four children showed the damage to families and society caused by irrational policies.

“All Australians should be allowed access to all Australian hospitals. Families shouldn’t be separated,’’ he said

“We are seeing eight suicides per week in WA alone, that’s more than 400 per year. The social damage is incomprehensible.

“The Victorian Premier the WA Premier have been caught out lying about medical advice.

When JobSeeker and JobKeeper expire, we only have our economy to fall back on to protect us,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“I call on Annastacia Palaszczuk to immediately open our borders so that trade and commerce can be resume, so we can create jobs and so our tourism industry can survive.

“Our people have been devastated and the Premier only seems to care about votes. The people of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and tourism operators in the north of the state have been decimated. The Premier only cares about people in South East Queensland.

“She only cares about being re-elected because she knows she is unemployable in the commercial world.

“Labor is always negative. They are ruining Queensland lives,” Mr Palmer said