Media release

Dowling to cut red tape

Leader of Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party, Greg Dowling, has vowed to cut red tape and taxes to get the Queensland economy moving again.

“We need a new deal for Queensland based on enterprise. We need to cut the red tape, eliminate payroll tax and eliminate land tax to make our State stronger and more competitive, and provide employment for our people.

“We will also ensure a death tax is never introduced in Queensland,” Mr Dowling said.

“We are running candidates in 55 seats to shake up the two-party duopoly and deliver a new deal for the State that brings economic prosperity for the long-term benefit of all Queenslanders,’’ he said.

“The current government is out of ideas, it doesn’t listen, it’s not interested in big projects and it has no idea about wealth creation,’’ Mr Dowling said.

“It’s time to give Labor the boot. In the last four years they have doubled the State’s debt from $60 billion to $120 billion.

“Labor is negative, they offer no drive and brightness of future. The Premier is only interested in votes and being re-elected for four years.

“Politicians should be working for the people not themselves.

“This Labor government is destroying the livelihoods of millions of people, and it’s time for a new deal,’’ Mr Dowling said.