Media release

Labor tries to gag Anna Palmer

Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party has confirmed that Labor made a complaint to social media platforms to gag its deputy leader Anna Palmer over future death taxes.

Party Chairman Clive Palmer said that the Greens and Labor had proposed to introduce a death tax at the last federal election in an effort to redistribute wealth.

“Shifty Shorten in principle had agreed with this policy if he had been elected,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“In the last four years the Palaszczuk government has doubled the State’s debt from $60 billion to $120 billion.

“Our sources from treasury and close to Labor have told us that this State Government if re-elected will introduce a death tax.

“I personally believe this is why four Labor ministers have resigned recently,’’ he said.

Mr Palmer said Labor wanted to stifle debate and shoot down freedom of speech by requesting his party’s anti-death tax advertisement be removed from social media.

“The public has the right to know, Annastacia Palaszczuk is trying to control people in Queensland like Daniel Andrews has done in Victoria.

“Clive Palmer’s United Australia Part won’t be silenced.  We will speak up so Labor can be exposed

“We need a new deal for Queensland. Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party will deliver economic growth and prosperity once elected.

“We need to stop the death tax, cut the red tape, eliminate payroll tax and eliminate land tax to make our State stronger and more competitive, and provide employment for our people.

“We will direct the Queensland Investment Corporation to invest in Queensland rather than overseas to create growth, jobs and profits here,’’ Mr Palmer said.